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“Engage!” Workshop by Susan Schreibman

No próximo dia 23 de janeiro de 2019, pelas 17h00, na Sala Ferreira Lima (FLUC, 6º piso), terá lugar a oficina “Engage!”, organizada por Susan Schreibam (Universidade de Maastricht). Trata-se de uma organização do Programa de Doutoramento FCT em Materialidades da Literatura, com o apoio do Centro de Literatura Portuguesa.


As Steven Lubar has argued, “public engagement” has to come “not after the scholarship, but as part of the scholarship.” And yet figuring out how to build public engagement into the design of a research project can be challenging for many scholars.

This workshop will provide a hands-on exploration of best practices in designing and executing community-engaged projects. Along the way, we’ll explore a wide range of questions including what does engaged research look like in the literary and historical studies? What are the benefits and challenges involved in creating scholarship that engages the public? How does one select and support engagement opportunities that serve the interests of the community and the research? What can be learned from successful and unsuccessful public engagement projects? How does one identify and establish relationships with specific communities to foster strong and productive partnerships?

The goal of this workshop is to explore these topics through a participatory process in which participants will play a board game in which players are asked to role-play their way through various challenges involved in designing and executing publicly engaged research projects. Groups of participants will be encouraged to strategize ways of planning and scaffolding specific types of activities that involve rich humanities and meaningful public engagement.

Fonte: “Engage!” Workshop by Susan Schreibman

Article written by Carlos Ferreira

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